What our parents say about us...

“I would like to thank all the staff who work directly with my son. Since he has started toilet training, they have been amazing. He is doing brilliantly. He loves coming to nursery, and I can see the bond he has with all the staff. He is happy coming everyday, regardless of who opens the door. “



“My daughter started at Vale Street nursery at 2.5 years old. When she started we'd had quite a difficult few years and only recently had moved to the area. From the get go the staff at the nursery have been incredibly helpful and supportive. My daughter couldn't hardly talk, didn't really like playing or having any cuddles and kisses off anyone. She is now almost 4, her speech has come on amazingly that even family members are surprised. Each day she wakes up asking if it's nursery day and then when I collect her from nursery she always comes out with a smile on her face and telling me all about her friends, her workers and what she has been doing for that day and it's a blessing to see. The staff at Vale Street nursery have also been incredibly supportive, we are currently going through some tests to see if there's any kind of delay and without the staff at the nursery this would not of been possible. I now have a confident little girl, who is always happy and with a smile on her face, whose caring and considerate and who can brighten up even the darkest of days. Thank you Vale Street nursery.”


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